Thursday, February 25, 2010

Decorate Your Wedding Car

Traditionally, someone other than the bride and groom decorated the wedding car, and it usually that person was the best man. As can be predicted, the results weren't always pretty. Nowadays, brides and grooms want to control what the wedding car actually looks like (and what is written on it!)
Accordingly, if you're the groom, you may want to exert some influence on what your wedding car transportation will look like aside from the trim and rims. If you're renting a classic car or a mercedes-benz, you may not want "just married" scrawled all over the hood. Furthermore, if you're renting a limo or any kind of car, the rental company may already have classy decorations that they will provide. Some limousine rental companies are flexible on your d├ęcor, and some are not. Check with them in advance.
Here are some standard wedding car decorating supplies, with most of the supplies being available at your local craft store:
  • Buy liquid chalk or window markers to write
O "just married" O "honk! We're just married" O "what have we done?" (just kidding. Don't write that.) Whatever you write, try to avoid obstructing your view.
  • Liquid chalk or window markers can be purchased at any craft supply store or online. Crayola makes window markers that will work for car windows as well. (we know, we know - this all sounds pretty childish. But roll with it.)
  • If you have messy handwriting, or your bride isn't going to be pleased, you can buy "heart" or "just married!" magnets that will cling to your car. These can also be personalized to have your name written on them.
  • Buy ribbon, about 2 inches wide, and tie real flowers or silk flowers to your wedding car rental. ("ribbon? What self-respecting guy knows how to buy ribbon?")
  • Buy ribbon and balloons to decorate your wedding car rental
  • Decorate the antenna with a bulb, flower or better yet - a mini-football helmet.
  • Tie beer cans to some strong string or rope and hang them from the rear bumper. This, of course, is a classic. It's probably the one thing you'll remember from your wedding car.

In addition, you'll need some clear tape to hold everything down. So long as you're not traveling a couple of hundred miles, everything should stay put.


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