Thursday, February 25, 2010

Five Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

1. The eyeball. Believe it or not, some people do get permanent makeup inside the eye, says zwerling about once a year, a patient asks him to put pigment into a disfiguring blind eye to make it look like a normal one. The many nerves going into the front of the eye would make this an excruciating procedure without anesthesia. (two other popular spots for permanent makeup—the eye brows and lips—are also painful, the lips especially so because of the many nerve endings located there.)
2. The mons pubis. The pain of getting a tattoos places down under runs a close second to the lips, says new york laser surgeon bruce katz, who specializes in removing tattoos. There are a lot of nerves, which provide pleasure (as opposed to pain) under different circumstances. If you try this in a tattoo parlor, ask for a cream, advises katz.
3. The top of the foot or ankle. Lots of women opt for tattoos in this area so the eye-catching designs will be visible when they're barefoot or wearing sandals during the summer months. But it's also ouch-inducing because of the absence of fat.
4. Behind the ear. A tattoos places here can be endearingly sexy. Just remember ladies, there's nothing in this spot but skin and bone—and nerves (though not as many as on your lip surface).
5. The chest (above your rib cage). If you're thin, this might be one time you'd be grateful for a layer of fat around your middle.the absence of padding makes this one of the most painful places for men to get a traditional tattoo.


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