Monday, April 26, 2010

Nasi Timbel, Sundanese Dish

Nasi Timbel is the famous Sundanese dish, and a must try local delicacy. Nasi Timbel consists of steamed Sundanese foodrice (white or red rice) in a tube-shaped wrapped in banana leaf (by covering it in banana leaf will make the rice more aromatic and appetizing,... mmm..yummy), lalapan/raw vegetables (tomatoes, coriander leaves, eggplants, cabbages, lettuces, and so on), sambal terasi (shrimp-paste chili sauce), tomatoes sauce, tempe (made of fermented soybean), tahu (fried tofu), ayam (fried or roasted chicken), pepes Ikan Mas (goldfish wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted) and a sliced of jambal/ikan asin (salted fish). And served with sayur asam, a vegetable soup given a sour flavour by the addition of tamarind.

Nasi timbel one of my favorite Indonesian food ^_^. Timbel (in Sunda Language) with the meaning "Bekal" in Indonesian ( "Bekal" means "Supplies" in English). Histories, the farmers before going to rice field or farm always bring the supplies of rice with wrapped by banana leaf and completed with a side dishes for lunch, therefore recognizing of Nasi Timbel.

• 300 grs of hot rice• 2 pieces of banana leaves

How to make Nasi Timbel:
Banana leaves to be stacked become one and put the hot rice in over with averaging then fold the long both sides to the middle and rolling glue.

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